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Fabergé, the famous court jeweler of the Russian Tsar, was unsurpassed in guilloché. Albrecht Dürer redefined engraving. And Jochen Benzinger is a master in three of these arts: guilloche, engraving and skeletonizing watches. This means he has mastered a craft that is threatened with extinction in the age of mass production. A machine, however, may be able to produce passable stopwatches for sports teachers, but not a unique piece with character that will delight watch enthusiasts.

Jochen Benzinger, on the other hand, knows how to breathe soul into solid matter like no other. He picks up at the Benzinger Uhrenunikate headquarters in Pforzheim Some machines and tools are over 100 years old. He meticulously processes his works of art to perfection. He sits there quietly and completely absorbed in his work. The world is a clock. Everything else no longer exists. Jochen Benzinger doesn't feel the urge to check messages on his cell phone. He can absolutely focus his attention. You can see from this: superbly refined, unique pieces are only created in truly qualified, capable hands. They are created by personalities who are themselves impressive unique pieces.

A look behind the scenes from Jochen Benzinger

Unique watches by Jochen Benzinger

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