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Watches as an investment

Which 5 watches are suitable as an investment?

Interest in tangible assets such as luxury watches is currently increasing - which are the best investment models?

The stock market is crashing and virtually all assets are in free fall. If you want to maintain your purchasing power or protect your assets from loss of value, the safest way is to invest in investments - for example in tangible assets such as luxury watches. Luxury watches are primarily intended to be worn. They make their wearers feel good and enjoy life when they accompany them in everyday life or on special occasions. However, for around a decade it has been observed that more and more people are viewing watches as investment objects and want to earn money with them in the medium to long term. If you know which models are suitable as an investment, you can make a pretty lucrative investment with mechanical luxury watches.

Vintage watches or modern timepieces?

There are two strategies for using watches as an investment. On the one hand, you can specialize in vintage watches and find classics in this segment that have the greatest potential to increase in value. On the other hand, you can invest in modern watches and speculate that your models will increase in value over time. But which watches are best suited as an investment? Below we will introduce you to five models with which you cannot go wrong.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is one of the most famous wristwatches in the world. It achieved this status as the only wristwatch to date to make it to the moon. In 1969, Buzz Aldrin wore it when he walked on the moon for the first time. Even the harsh conditions on the moon had no effect on the timepiece - it survived the trip to the moon without any loss of quality. So you can be sure that with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch you have an extremely robust and functional timepiece. Last year it recorded a whopping 56 percent increase in value.

In 2020, Omega launched two new Speedmaster models to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing. These also feature the famous 321 caliber of the classic Moonwatch and come in platinum or stainless steel. A special quality feature of Omega watches is their co-axial escapement. This makes the timepieces insensitive to shocks. For a vintage model of the Speedmaster Moonwatch you should budget around 15,500 euros. The anniversary edition of the Speedmaster Moonwatch from 2020 costs 44,300 euros in white gold.

Rolex Daytona and Lady Datejust

For many people, Rolex is synonymous with luxury watches. The manufacturer undoubtedly sets the tone in the watch world, which is due to the excellent quality and timeless design of the timepieces. Most Rolex models can be easily worn at any time of the day or night and always make the wearer look appropriate. Rolex watches have excellent potential for appreciation, making them an attractive investment. Almost all Rolex models have seen an increase in value over the last two years - you can't go wrong here, even if you're not a die-hard watch connoisseur.


The Rolex Daytona was able to achieve an increase in value of between 40 and 67 percent in 2021. The precious metal versions of the timepiece have particularly increased in value. What makes the Daytona so desirable is its limited edition. The series has only been produced in small numbers since 1963 and is therefore very popular with collectors. Depending on the model, the price for a Rolex Daytona is between 43,900 euros and 49,400 euros for models with a black ceramic tachymeter bezel. The Daytona models in bicolor, which currently cost around 30,000 euros, are significantly cheaper. A year ago the price was around 19,300 euros. Anyone who bought it back then didn't have to wait long for their Rolex to increase in value.

The elegant Rolex Lady-Datejust was also able to increase its value immensely in 2021, to be precise it was between 49 and 77 percent, depending on the model. The elegant timepiece is often decorated with several dials with diamonds. If you prefer something more classic, choose the Lady-Datejust with a fluted gold bezel. Compared to the Daytona, the Lady-Datejust is a bargain - according to the manufacturer, the price starts at around 6,500 euros. However, it is more realistic to set a price of 7,500 euros. You will then find an available clock for this. Otherwise, you'll have to plan on waiting months. A Rolex is definitely an excellent choice if you value a timeless design, an outstanding manufacture caliber and a classic status symbol.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus recorded an incredible 85 percent increase in value in 2021. In 2020, the watch stood out as a loser in the luxury watch segment with a ten percent loss in value. A watch from the Nautilus line is ideal for people who value high technical standards. Its characteristic design is unmistakable with the horizontal embossing of the dial, the octagonal bezel whose corners are rounded and the bracelet that is completely integrated into the case. The Nautilus 5711/1A was able to increase its value the most. This is hardly surprising considering that the watch is no longer in production.


A steel version of the Nautilus with a green dial was produced until the beginning of 2022, but production is scheduled to stop after just one year. The Nautilus with a blue dial is currently available for around 250,000 euros. Sometimes a model can be found for 110,000 euros. The Nautilus with a green dial is significantly rarer and more expensive, with an entry-level price of well over 400,000 euros. In 2017, the list price for a Nautilus was around 25,000 euros.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Jumbo 1520ST

The stainless steel version of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo is one of the greatest classic watches in the world. No wonder that demand has risen sharply in recent years, causing prices to skyrocket accordingly. Another factor for the price increase is the planned end of production of the Royal Oak Jumbo 15202. After it celebrates its 50th birthday in 2022, production is to be discontinued. The watch manufacturer announced that there may be new Royal Oak Jumbo models made of precious metal. This means that the stainless steel version no longer has any space.

Prices for the stainless steel model currently range between 60,000 euros (white dial) and 75,000 euros (blue dial). It's quite possible that we'll see six-figure prices once production of the timepiece finally stops. In 2017 the price for the Royal Oak Jumbo was 20,000 euros.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas


Together with Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, Vacheron is part of the "Holy Trinity" of Swiss watchmaking. If you are looking for an exquisite, modern luxury sports watch made of stainless steel, you will find it in the Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V. The model is in direct competition with the aforementioned Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus models. The watch has become increasingly popular in recent years, but its price is currently even more affordable than the other two models. It is very likely that the price will rise sharply as soon as the other two watches are no longer produced.

The price for a Vacheron Constantin Overseas currently starts at a list price of 22,000 euros. The popular variants with blue and black dials are priced between 35,000 euros and 50,000 euros. If you buy now, you may be able to enjoy a bargain with a strong increase in value in a few years. In 2017, the price for the Vacheron Constantin Overseas was around 12,000 euros - so the popular model has already seen a significant price increase in the last five years.


Anyone who currently just leaves their money lying around in the bank risks a significant loss in value. Stocks are also a risky investment at the moment as prices are in free fall. Tangible assets, on the other hand, represent an attractive investment opportunity, especially the luxury watch segment. If you choose the right model, you will soon be able to enjoy more than just a solid increase in value.