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Alligator watch straps

An alligator watch strap makes your watch appear particularly high-quality and unique. Alligator watch straps are characterized by their stylish pattern and slight sheen. In terms of color, they are usually available in various darker shades of brown. But you can also opt for a noble dark blue or a classic, simple black.

All of our watch straps, which are made of alligator leather, are made by hand and thus promise high quality and durability. So you can look forward to a long-time companion on your wrist.
The alligator leather, which is used for the production of crocodile bracelets, comes exclusively from companies that comply with the species protection agreement, so that it does not contribute to endangering species. So you can wear your crocodile bracelet without a guilty conscience.

A watch strap made of alligator leather looks elegant and classy with every watch, no matter what model you wear. You have the choice between different widths and designs, so that you can choose the perfect model for your watch. The pattern of the alligator leather is very special. Each bracelet has a unique grain on the surface. This differs depending on the type of alligator and the origin of the leather. So you are wearing a truly unique piece on your wrist. In general, however, the crocodile bracelets always exude a touch of vintage and a noble smell of leather. It thus underlines the high quality of your watch.

You can buy your watch strap made of alligator leather according to your taste to match your clothing style and your timepiece. The leather goes well with a sporty, casual look as well as with elegant and chic clothing and occasions. Because our alligator watch straps come in a variety of gauges and sizes, they will fit most standard watches. If you own several watches, you can also change a crocodile strap as you wish. With a watch strap made of alligator, your watch and your wrist always look elegant and of high quality and enhance every outfit. Thanks to the unique pattern, each bracelet is unique, which makes it a valuable collector's item. Now find your crocodile leather strap that perfectly suits you and your watch.
Of course, we also offer custom-made products for almost all watch models for a small surcharge. It is best to contact us via our chat or email and we will take care of your request promptly.