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Our products are almost exclusively manufactured in Germany. The only exceptions are our NATO straps, which we have to source from Hong Kong, as we have not yet been able to find suitable German producers.

The sizes of our bands are described with two numbers. The front number corresponds to the bridge width (see FAQ bridge width), the back number indicates the width of the band at the closing end.

Bridge width is another term for bandwidth. This refers to the width of the band at the lug , i.e. the band side directly on the watch. It is particularly important because not every width fits every watch. The information is in millimeters. The best way to find out your width is to measure your original band.

The length "M" is our standard size , this fits approx. 90% of our customers and corresponds to 19.6 cm excluding the watch/AppleWatch.

In the future, we would still like to offer more and more straps in the lengths "S" (17.6 cm exclusive of the watch) and "XL" (21.6 cm exclusive of the watch). Some bands are therefore already available to you!

You can find an example here .

If the band you want is not available in the right length, it is no problem to have the band made for you in “S” or “XL”. This costs an additional charge of + €59 and takes 10 - 12 weeks . But it's worth it, I promise!

We have the option of ordering custom-made items .

The price varies depending on the effort involved. Since the band is made specifically for you, delivery can take up to 10 to 12 weeks .

Are you interested? Then please contact us here . You help us by describing your ideas in as much detail as possible.

Watch leather straps may vary and appear different due to their nature as genuine leather products. This is due to several factors that affect the appearance and texture of the leather. Here are some reasons why watch leather straps may look different:

1) Animal species and origin: The leather for watch straps comes from various animal species such as cattle, calfskin, pigs, sheep or exotic animals such as crocodiles or lizards. Each species of animal has different skin structures, patterns and density, resulting in different textures.

2) Tanning and processing: The way the leather is tanned and processed affects its color and texture. There are different tanning methods such as vegetable tanning and chrome tanning that affect the final product.

3) Scars and Marks: The animal's life leaves scars, wrinkles and natural marks on the skin. These properties are unique to each piece of leather and give each bracelet its individual character.

4) Dyes and Finish: Leather bracelets can be dyed in different colors. The type of dye and the type of finish determine the final shade and shine of the leather.

5) Environmental Conditions: The environmental conditions in which the animal has lived can also affect the quality of the skin. For example, temperature changes, insect bites or scratches can affect the appearance of the leather.

6) Handmade: Our leather bracelets are manufactured by hand, which can lead to slight differences in workmanship and design. This gives each bracelet a personal touch.

Overall, these differences are part of the charm of leather products, especially Manufakturwek watch leather straps. They make every watch leather strap unique and give it a natural and authentic character. Customers appreciate these variations and the fact that they are holding a unique piece that only becomes more beautiful over time


Your shipping costs will be displayed transparently in the checkout.

Shipping is free for orders over €69 within Germany.

When you complete your order, you will be shown an estimated delivery time.

Are the goods you ordered in stock ? Then you will usually receive it within the next 2 - 4 working days .

If you choose a band that is not in stock , the delivery time may take 1 - 4 weeks .

We will do our best to adhere to these times for you.

Sometimes it may happen that only part of your order is in stock with us. So that you receive your order as quickly as possible, we will send you the items in stock. You will get the missing ones as soon as they are available again. This is also noted on your delivery note.

If you still have doubts, you can always contact our support team at support@manufaktwerk.comturn around.

We also offer express shipping with FedExOvernight.

Express shipping is possible Monday to Friday and if you order before 12 p.m. In addition, we can only ship stock items . You can recognize this by the fact that no additional time is specified in your order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: support@manufakturwerk.com


Not so happy with the choice? No problem, we will take your undamaged goods back free of charge for 30 days without any questions.

Go to the “Service” tab in the menu bar and select Returns Portal .

There you enter your 9-digit order number preceded by the ' # ' sign and your email address . In the next step you can print out your return label.

If you have printed out a return label via our returns portal , you can track the shipping process using your tracking number. As soon as we receive the package it will be processed. This can take up to 7 working days .


Please send us your inquiry via our contact page. We will take care of your concerns personally!

Since personal contact with you is important to us, we answer all your support requests manually and usually on the same day (on working days). In exceptional cases, it may take two working days to respond.


Of course, we offer a 2-year guarantee on our bracelets.

If, despite our high quality standards, a defect arises due to our fault, you can contact us using the contact form . Defects do not include damage to our products that occurs due to wear and tear or your own fault. We reserve the right to repair the defect or replace the product with a new one.