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Pilot watches

A pilot's watch, also known as a pilot's watch, is a watch designed specifically for use in the air. Pilot watches are characterized by their functionality and reliability and usually have a classic, robust design. They were originally worn by pilots to track important information such as flight time and heading. Today, pilot's watches are very popular not only among pilots but also among watch lovers and are viewed as a timeless accessory and sign of style and quality. They are suitable for anyone looking for a high-quality watch that is suitable for any occasion and at the same time represents a timeless accessory.

Manufacturer of pilot watches

During World War II, pilot observation watches were produced by various manufacturers such as IWC, Stowa, Wempe, Lange & Söhne and Laco for the German Air Force to meet the requirements of the Reich Aviation Ministry. These watches, also known as navigation watches, were worn by navigators aboard aircraft and used in combination with an octant to determine the aircraft's precise position.

Pilot's watch "Model A" and "Model B"

Pilot observation watches are available in two models: A and B. Model A had a triangle with two dots instead of the Arabic "12", while model B had the minutes printed in increments of 5 and the classic hour division from 1 to 12 in an additional inner ring. These watches also had typical features such as a large diameter and a large crown so that they could be operated with gloves.

Aviation observation watches are still very popular with collectors and enthusiasts today due to their historical value and classic design. They are produced by various manufacturers and usually offer high quality and reliability. They are perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality watch that is suitable for any occasion while also being a timeless accessory.

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