Du suchst etwas besonderes?



Watch strap types

What does remborded mean? How is a watch strap constructed and how many steps are required? Here we would like to introduce you to the common watch strap types and explain how the straps are constructed:

Hand-sewn watch strap

Unlike a machine-made seam, the manufacturer uses only a single thread, with two needles at either end that alternately pull the seam from one side to the other. With such a handmade seam, which also looks harmonious and high-quality, you can expect a longer lifespan in the daily use of your watch than a machine seam. This work on a single watch strap takes a full 40 minutes and, with its meticulous demands on the performer, represents an artistic example of high-quality craftsmanship. You can rightly be proud of carrying the result of an unknown leather sewing master around with your watch; with the prospect that this bracelet will last a long time.

Cutting tape
approx. 70 work steps

The cut ribbon is a very common and simple ribbon. The production is a little more complex than with the emi-remborded band. With the help of a tool, the leather is punched out or cut and glued by hand. The edges are then filled and painted.

Semi-remborded watch strap
approx. 50 work steps

Here with the semi-remborded bracelet you will find a concession to modern industrial production in large quantities. While on the surface there are no visible losses in appearance, upon closer inspection you will see that the upper leather has not been pulled under the inner leather, but has only reached its lower edge and been glued there. It's not the seam that holds the whole thing together, but the glue. In many designs of such bracelets, the seam is only present for decoration and cannot withstand any stress. A manufacturer not only saves material on the upper leather, but also time in production. It takes 50 steps to produce. You shouldn't expect a long lifespan from such a watch strap because the hardened adhesive tends to cause the straps to stiffen. A lack of elasticity is also the reason why such glued edges loosen and gaps arise during constant use.

Fully remborded or full umbugg watch strap
140-170 steps

A remborded watch strap or full rebugg bracelet means the same thing. With 140 work steps, it is quite complex to produce and is therefore a quality feature of high-quality bracelets that is worth paying attention to. Inside you will find a cotton fleece that is breathable and cushioning and around which the upper leather is wrapped and glued. The next step involves gluing the folded upper leather, right down to its fibers, with the leather that is to be used for the lining. This is intended to prevent bacteria from getting under the food and settling inside. When all the layers are on top of each other, they are sewn together and then form a unit. A Vollumbugg watch strap is quite comparable to a welted leather shoe, which is called 'Goodyear-welted' after an old process used by a manufacturer. It combines softness with greater stability and durability. Things that are otherwise found in opposites.