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Shell Cordovan watch straps - ELEGANT & TIMELESS

Shell Cordovan watch straps are very popular and well-known leather straps. The high fat content makes them water-repellent, breathable and the leather is particularly durable. To be your companion for all your occasions without having to compromise on comfort.

The watch strap promises a pleasant wearing comfort thanks to the supple leather. Leather has the ability to adapt optimally to certain shapes and contours, so that the bracelet forms perfectly when worn for longer periods of time. The leather used for MANUFAKTURWERK BRACELETS is horse leather from Horween in Chicago. The leather is made exclusively from special parts of the buttocks, so that every bracelet has the same, high quality. Care is taken to ensure that the horses are not bred specifically for leather production, so that the animals can grow well. It is very durable leather that repels moisture. Thanks to the classic design with cut edges and stitching, the leather bracelet looks timelessly elegant.

The Shell Cordovan Band is a wonderful everyday accessory that suits every occasion. Whether at an event or every day at work, this leather bracelet goes with everything. You can combine it particularly well by choosing the leather color to match your outfit. There are different colors and patterns: black, brown or with contrast stitching. So there is something for every taste and you can enjoy your favorite watch every day.

With Shell Cordovan watch straps you will find the perfect companion for every day. Now choose your new favorite bracelet made of Shell Cordovan leather to match your favorite watch.

The timeless elegance and longevity of this leather bracelet are unique. That's why all watch lovers and those who would like to become one should take a look at this bracelet. The high-quality horse leather, some of which is hand-sewn, promises the highest quality and a long service life. The leather bracelet can be worn to match any outfit and occasion.

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