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Elegant vintage watch straps made of vegetable tanned leather for the highest demands

We made our exclusive MANUFAKTURWERK series “Hohe Luft” for connoisseurs who value special leather and the best workmanship.

Our ribbons in this series combine the charm of vintage ribbons with minimalist elegance. We tested and wore countless leather samples for over 6 months until we finally decided on this fine raw material and then had it 100% refined in Germany.

We would particularly like to highlight the typical natural features that make each band unique.

Tanning is done using olive leaves and meets the high standards of the “Blue Angel” guidelines.

Unique straps for special watches!

Which 5 watches are suitable as an investment? Vintage watches or modern timepieces?
What does remborded mean? How is a watch strap constructed and how many steps are required? Here we would like to introduce you to the common watch strap types and explain how the straps are constructed:
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