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Vinotheca Sutoris -
The Schumacher Winery

Winemaker Joachim Schumacher has set himself the goal of producing some very special and very high-quality wines. They are intended to show what peak performances the Moselle cultivation area and especially the Calmont region is capable of – i.e. what can be gotten out of the steep slopes and the slate soils. As a reminder: The Calmont is considered the steepest vineyard in Europe with a slope of up to 65°. The Moselle makes a spectacular 180° curve here. Joachim's wines come from this topographically unique region between Bremm and St. Aldegund to Zell-Merl.

He was particularly taken with the "Neefer Frauenberg" location. The location and the development of the wines are equally special for him. At Joachim, the Riesling and the red Burgundy are allowed to present themselves in an unusual way. He has been aging the Riesling in barriques since 2001.
The Schumacher winery is owner-managed. A small team helps with the layers and with the harvest.
Joachim's customers are mostly private customers, but also star restaurants. In other words, Joachim has already been able to convince many trained sommeliers of his wines.

The philosophy

The philosophies of controlled idleness and complete trust in all natural processes apply, both in the cultivation and in the aging of the wines. The result is expressive wines at the highest level. Joachim Schumacher is an expert in natural wine that is spontaneously fermented with wild yeast! Everything is geared towards the production of fruity, finesse-rich wines with a subtle aroma structure that do not deny their origin and thus bring the slate terroir of the Moselle right home to the glass.
Joachim is a big fan of the Riesling grape variety and the red Burgundy. He develops both in a large variance. He was particularly taken with the “Neefer Frauenberg” vineyard, which is located opposite and can be observed from the winery. It is one of the best Riesling vineyards in the Moselle valley and can therefore, without exaggeration, be one of the best vineyards in the world for this noble grape variety. The preservation of the ancient vineyards is particularly important to him.

The selection

Real craftsmanship is not only available from the manufactory for the wrist, but also for smelling, tasting and enjoying. We have selected three wonderful wines for you. Free shipping in a box of 6 or as a trial pack.