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Comtesse handbags

Handbags for royalties

Comtesse handbags are used by the royal families of Japan, Sweden and Thailand, among others. They are individually crafted by master craftsmen using traditional, centuries-old methods. Each bag comes with its own "passport" bearing the signatures of the men and women who made it.

Of course, Comtesse handbags come in a variety of styles and materials including crocodile, snake, lizard and ostrich. Comtesse's specialty, however, is horsehair, which the company practically "invented" as a high-fashion material more than 70 years ago. By purchasing tail hair from semi-feral horses from Mongolia, Comtesse helps the nomadic tribesmen to continue their traditional way of life while securing a high quality raw material not available anywhere else. Mongolian tail hair is woven and dyed with natural colors in England, in the world's last historic weaving mill. Finally, in Germany, the Comtesse's artisans make handbags for royalty and others of discerning taste.

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