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Apple Watch Update

Everything YOU need to know about the Apple Watch 7, including specs, pricing and release

The clock is ticking. We're just a few weeks away from the release of the seventh generation of the Apple Watch. We already know a lot about the price, the design and the technical data.

Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch 6

As we all know, progress cannot be stopped. And so the Apple Watch is also subject to constant further development. Their improved performance now even includes measuring blood oxygen levels. You can find out what else the watch has to offer and what you need to know about the smart gadget in the following guide.

Smart people know that the details make the difference. You look closely and are not satisfied with the average, but love the special.

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In addition to the look, the functionality of the Apple Watch is of course the main focus. We have picked out some cool apps on this topic that can make your everyday life easier. In addition to the usual features such as pedometers and messages, there are many other practical ways to use the Apple Watch.