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Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch 6

As we all know, progress cannot be stopped. And so the Apple Watch is also subject to constant further development. Their improved performance now even includes measuring blood oxygen levels. You can find out what else the watch has to offer and what you need to know about the smart gadget in the following guide.

What model variants of the Apple Watch 6 are there?

The Watch Series 6 is offered in two different case sizes. As with the previous model, you can choose between 40 and 44 millimeters. This means the height of the clock. After all, as a user you don’t want to wear a bulky device on your wrist. The case is 10.4 millimeters deep and therefore a little smaller than the previous watch. Depending on the model, the Apple Watch weighs 30.5 or 37 grams. The variants “GPS” and “GPS + Cellular” are available. For this you will need your own eSIM.

The large selection for the Apple Watch bracelet remains, because you can choose between numerous materials and bracelets. Don't like aluminum housing? Then simply choose titanium or stainless steel and choose between the following colors:


The Apple Watch bracelet is made of leather, among other things. There are also high-quality Milanese and Nike editions to choose from. It gets particularly sporty with the loop version and a fabric strap, as well as the solo loop version with an Apple Watch strap made of stretchy silicone rubber. And if that still doesn't appeal to you, then simply opt for the braided Solo Loop, whose recycled polyester yarn has particularly environmentally friendly properties.

Apple Watch Series 6: The display put to the test

Both model variants were equipped with a Retina display. We see the resolutions as follows:

Large 368 x 448 pixels
Small 324 x 394 pixels

A maximum brightness of 1,000 nits is possible with both displays. However, this is reduced to 500 nits if you activate the so-called always-on display function on your Apple Watch. Even in bright sunlight, the information on the display is easy to read. Strong, bright colors are combined with dark and rich black. Even if you look at the side of the display. The display also reacts relatively insensitively to sharp-edged objects that are sometimes in your jacket pocket.

What features does the Apple Watch have to offer?

Of course, the smart accessory on the wrist impresses with new features. One of the most exciting innovations is clearly the sensor for measuring the oxygen content in the blood. This is located at the bottom of the clock and consists of four LED clusters and four photodiodes. Green, red and infrared LEDs shine into the blood vessels in order to measure the reflected light from the photodiodes. The O2 saturation is measured with a blood oxygen sensor, looking at the color of the blood and using special algorithms. The Apple Watch needs 15 seconds for this measurement process. You can read the result in the blood oxygen app. However, you will not get an exact value. Apple explicitly states that the valuation is only intended for private and not for medical purposes.

The Apple Watch Series 6 still has the practical ECG function on board. So that you can have your personal electrocardiogram written, simply place your finger on the crown to close the circuit. After 30 seconds, the watch informs you whether atrial fibrillation was detectable or not. If you want a more detailed result, it is best to use the ECG app, whose results you can also download as a PFD. However, always remember that the watch does not replace a professional-level medical examination. With the Apple Watch Series 6 you also benefit from the following useful features:

Gyro sensor
Emergency call function
Ambient light sensor
Bluetooth 5.0
Apple Pay

The acceleration sensor's task is to detect bicycle falls in order to then call the stored emergency contacts and send them the location coordinates. The Apple Watch Series 6 is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. It can be worn in the sea and is the ideal companion when hiking in the mountains, as the altimeter has been optimized. On the one hand, this is now permanently active and on the other hand, the smallest differences in height (up to 30 cm) can be shown on the display. Since the watch can be used as a navigation device if necessary, routes can also be followed on foot or by car.

Of course, text and WhatsApp messages as well as emails are also shown on the display. A small keyboard allows you to answer messages. You can either enter the letters manually or have Siri dictate your text. By the way, you can now also use Siri as a translator. Sleep analysis is more convenient with the Apple Watch Series 6, which can be attributed to the fact that Apple has developed a special app for it. And the watch is also impressive when it comes to call quality. In order to make calls, the GPS model must be connected to the iPhone. If you want to do this independently, you need the Cellular version and your own SIM card. This gives you the opportunity to surf the Internet without your cell phone being paired via Bluetooth.

How easy is the watch to use?

If this is your first Apple Watch, you will probably need a little time to get used to it so that it works smoothly. After all, it is a smart gadget that is packed with countless functions. Nevertheless, it is a self-explanatory concept that aims to be intuitive to use. You control the device with swipe gestures, using the built-in buttons and with the help of the crown. All apps are displayed with a suitable symbol so that you can already guess what functions are hidden behind them. With the watch you use the watchOS 7 operating system, which works without waiting times. This means that every command is executed with maximum performance.

How long does the battery last?

And that brings us to the downside of the Apple Watch. The watch cannot last more than 24 hours at a time and therefore needs to be charged daily. However, this is the absolute maximum because the battery usually runs out more quickly. The watch is connected to the network at night, which is why sleep tracking can hardly or not be used at all. A stamina of two days might be desirable for many users. However, the watch scores points in terms of its charging time: the battery is full again after 1.5 hours.

Which bracelets fit the Apple Watch 6?

Basically, all of our APPLE Watch bracelets fit your Apple Watch Series 6 perfectly. When ordering, just make sure whether you have the large or small model.