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The Apple Watch® bracelet for clever minds in the FAZ SELECTION shop

Smart people know that the details make the difference. You look closely and are not satisfied with the average, but love the special.

The Manufakturwerk® from Hamburg is a specialist in elegant Apple Watch® bracelets and has created a bracelet exclusively for the FAZ SELECTION Shop that is second to none. The “Mainhattan” model is made of original Horween Shell Cordovan leather - made in one piece and handcrafted.

Its cognac coloring is extremely rare as only perfect shells can be used for this light color.

The traditional Horween tannery enjoys a unique reputation worldwide when it comes to Shell Cordovan. Horse leather is extremely durable and is therefore often used for leather shoes. Its high fat content also makes it very water-repellent. The fine leather bracelet is made by master craftsmen in Germany - in keeping with the philosophy of the manufactory. The watch enthusiasts at the manufactory have selected this noble and exclusive material so that clever minds can wear their Apple Watch® even more stylishly