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Uhrmacher-Pflegeset Bergeon

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Lupe, Poliertuch und Federstegwerkzeug als praktisches Uhrmacherset in einem Etui.

Von Bergeon Swiss Made

Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind
• Poliertuch, schwarz, 25 x 25cm
• Uhrmacherlupe 4x Bikonvexe Linse
• Federstegwerkzeug Dorn 0,8 + Schaufel
• Ein praktisches Etui zur sicheren Verwahrung

• Poliertuch schwarz: Sehr widerstandsfähig, nicht imprägniert. Ideal zum Reinigen und Polieren aller Gläserarten, Uhren und Armbänder sowie Edelmetalle und Edelsteine.
Anwendung trocken möglich oder mit einem Reinigungsmittel. Waschbar bei 40°C, Mikrofaser-Gewebe 240 g/m2, 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamid.

• Uhrmacherlupe 4x Bikonvexe Linse Bergeon. Schwarze Kunststofffassung mit verschraubtem, geriffeltem Messingring.

• Federsteg-Werkzeug zum Setzen und Entfernen der Federösen (Dorn 0,8 + Schaufel)

Alle Produkte können Sie auch einzeln kaufen (Poliertuch Referenz 359995, Lupe Referenz 216055, Federsteg-Werkzeug Referenz 337770)

Mit dem Set sparen Sie ca. 10% gegenüber den Einzelpreisen.

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In a world overwhelmed by hastily produced, assembly-line goods, we are committed to being a home for the counter-movement. The manufactory brings unique products together with connoisseurs. With us you will discover excellently crafted, beautiful things with character and soul. We value the special and love the real. Our passion drives us to tirelessly look for manufacturers that are setting new standards in their field. We take time for timeless things. And we welcome everyone who thinks the same way.


Since October 2023, the MANUFAKTURWERK brand has belonged to the company Selva Technik GmbH. A partnership and symbiosis that not only complements each other perfectly, but also stands for something that is increasingly neglected these days. For carefully selected quality products that do not simply represent pure mass, but rather class. For a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Ultimately, both brands can rely on a wealth of know-how and valuable expertise. While MANUFAKTURWERK has been setting real standards for years, especially in the area of ​​first-class watches and associated utensils such as watch straps, the SELVA brand has been offering a unique all-round package since 1961, a range that includes everything that is eminent in watches - whether bracelets, clock movements, hands or pendulums . Seen in this way, the brand symbiosis of MANUFAKTURWERK and SELVA is a living example of the fusion of specialist knowledge and a special dedication to the wide and diverse world of watches.

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