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Nesmuk knife

World-class cutlery from Solingen

Since 2005, Nesmuk knives have won numerous awards and are the first choice of elite chefs, home cooks and knife collectors. Cutting with Nesmuk knives is perceived as a sensual experience. But for Nesmuk, metallurgical excellence and technological innovation are only a means to an end; their true goal is timeless functionality.

Nesmuk is the only cutler in the world to work with niobium steel, whose unique structure allows for an extremely sharp edge that rarely dulls. Kitchen knives are also provided with a diamond-like coating, which further increases the hardness of the blade. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute Dresden, Nesmuk has developed a DIAMOR coating that sharpens itself through repeated use. In the EXCLUSIV line, Nesmuk made a unique kitchen knife with 640 layers of Damascus steel for 80,000 euros.