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Mill shave

<h2>High quality shaving brushes, razors and skin care products</h2>
<p><br>As one of the few remaining companies in the world, Mühle still offers a complete range of products for wet shaving, including hand-made shaving brushes made from badger hair, razors with handles made from precious wood, and accessories such as creams and lotions.<br>Since 1945, the Mühle offers handmade shaving brushes, which are now made from three different types of badger hair or two different synthetic fibers. In later years, the company's product range expanded to include razors with handles made from olive wood, silver birch, grenadilla wood, plum wood, tree heather, Spanish briar and oak wood. Recently, Mühle partnered with a natural-based cosmetics company to develop its own line of exclusive skin care products. Today Christian and Andreas Müller are the third generation owners of Mühle Shaving.</p>
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