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Hamburger Manufakturwerk GmbH is growing with collaborations

The company, founded in Hamburg in 2019, is accelerating its growth in 2021. Axel Kmonitzek and Prof. Dr. Ebbo Tücking, the makers behind the manufactory, rely on collaborations with manufacturers of unique handmade products with character and soul. So far, the company has made a name for itself primarily among watch freaks - as a platform for the distribution of watch straps for connoisseurs and those who want to become one.

For Those Who Know The Difference

Curated products and fine manufactured goods - mostly from regional production in Germany - will be given greater focus in the future. The company promises its customers that it will be a home for the counter-movement in a world overwhelmed by hastily produced, assembly-line goods.

The collaboration with the FAZ Selection Shop, excellent customer reviews and, last but not least, the award with the tried and tested Red Dot Design Award in the “Brand and Communication” category show how well the concept works.

This week we are launching a collaboration with Woodland Gin, one of the world's best-rated dry gins. Woodland comes from the wooded Sauerland region, uses predominantly local botanicals and, thanks to its numerous awards, is a perfect match for the manufactory.

Small manufactory brands in particular benefit from the high reach of the manufactory and access to a target customer who values ​​quality and enjoys high-quality products. “The Manufakturwerk helps small and medium-sized manufacturers to become visible online and reach the desired target group,” explains co-founder Prof. Dr. Ebbo Tücking, who also teaches marketing at the University of Europe in Hamburg. “Many manufacturers have lost their physical presence due to the changes in stationary retail, but do not want to be present on the major platforms. The manufactory offers tailor-made solutions for this.”