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Watch strap "EIMSBÜTTEL" (certified organic leather)


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MANUFAKTURWERK® leather bracelet - certified organic leather - Made in Germany

The Eimsbüttel model is made from certified organic cowhide. This means: The leather comes from German cattle from organic farms, which can ensure a closed sustainability chain during production.

It is chrome-free, vegetable-tanned and therefore also perfect for allergy sufferers. The upper and lining leather was tanned according to tried and tested recipes and refined with extracts from ground wood, bark, leaves and fruits.

Thanks to this special treatment, the leather is remarkably soft. Natural fats and waxes give the bracelet a round, sympathetic feel. It also has a pleasant and subtle scent of honey and tobacco.

In short: the Eimsbüttel bracelet is an elaborately manufactured statement for sustainable craftsmanship.

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