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  • Content: 0.5 liters (€85.00 / 1 liter)
  • Alcohol content: 40% Vol.
  • 30 months barrel aging
  • SINGLE-CASK - 368 bottles
  • Sale only to persons over 18 years


A vodka for connoisseurs - made in Hamburg

Limited edition including gift packaging

Unique selling points are difficult to create in the vodka category, which is certainly also due to the philosophy of the vodka: A pure and unadulterated spirit, which is also more generic than all the others.

But industrial mass-produced goods are often only defined by the packaging or marketing story and are often in stark contrast to manufactory production, which impresses in particular with its quality. This is the playing field of Hamburg's BAZIC Vodka!

The base? Passion!

As early as 2013, Oliver Fuhse asked himself how vodka could be interpreted differently and further developed without diluting the origin, the unadulterated and pure. With his barrel-matured vodka he has taken a revolutionary path. The result of many years of development: A naturally flavored vodka in the high premium segment, a hybrid between classic, clear spirits and those that only mature in the barrel to what makes them a special product:


Since 2018 he has been producing his alcohol exclusively at the Ehringhausen distillery in Werne, one of the best distilleries in Germany. Barrel-aged spirits have a long tradition there. In addition to the traditional wheat, we process all grains that are grown in organic quality in Germany. Current barrel allocations are wheat, rye, barley malt, emmer and spelt.

"Technical details"
  • The basis is Naturland-certified wheat
  • Our vodka-quality alcohol is 100% self-made
  • Single cask bottling. Strictly limited to a maximum of 400 bottles
  • 30 months in barrique barrels that were previously covered with Hamburgre Rotspon, a blend of Syrah and Grenache
  • With fruity red wine notes and pleasant barrel aromas. Subtle vanilla from the North American white oak. Fine aniseed and citrus aromas of organic wheat.
  • Designed by the well-known Hamburg artist Albert Schindehütte
  • Hand labeled and numbered

    And in the end "just" a vodka!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Hans (Hamburg, Germany)
    Sehr guter votka


    Karlheinz H. (Hamburg, Germany)
    Ungewöhnlich für Wodka

    Der Wodka schmeckt sehr gut, die Geschmacksnote erinnert stark an irischen Whiskey.


    For those who know the difference

    In a world swamped by hastily produced assembly line goods, we've made it our mission to be a home for the countermovement. The manufacture movement brings together unique products with connoisseurs. With us you will discover excellently made, beautiful things with character and soul. We appreciate the special and love the real.
    Our passion drives us to tirelessly look out for manufacturers that set new standards in their field. We take our time for the timeless. And we are happy about everyone who thinks the same way.

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