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Which 5 watches are suitable for investment? Vintage watches or modern timepieces?

What does remborded mean? How is a watch strap constructed and how many steps are required? Here we would like to introduce you to the common watch strap types and explain how the straps are constructed:
Rolex Sea Dweller - Every diver's best friend. Running 1,000 meters takes a little more than ten minutes, if you take it easy. A dive at a depth of 1,000 meters, on the other hand, is much more time-consuming and cannot be done without professional equipment.
No matter which wristwatch you ultimately choose, whether it should be sporty or elegant, it has to fit. To you and of course around your wrist.
Finding the right watch strap is an art in itself, but you can measure the length comparatively easily. We'll tell you everything you need to know about determining your size and how to change your watch strap in three simple steps.


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