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Elegant bracelets for the Apple Watch, handmade - made in Germany

The manufactory offers its customers special bracelets for the popular Apple Watch in high quality. Each Apple Watch bracelet has been carefully handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and meets the highest quality standards. In addition to positive material properties such as robustness, durability and dermatological compatibility, every Apple Watch strap impresses with its stylish, aesthetic flair. The bracelets thus perfectly match the high-end appeal that also characterizes the Apple Watch itself.

Apple Watch strap made from selected types of leather

The Apple Watch straps are exclusively premium quality leather straps. The customer can choose between three types of leather: cowhide with alligator grain, organic cowhide and Shell Cordovan from the horse. Each variant is available in various attractive, muted shades. An Apple Watch strap from the manufactory's range can be harmoniously combined with any individual outfit.

Apple watch strap made of alligator grain cowhide

Alligator-grain cowhide can be considered a distinguished classic among leather types for watch straps. The expressive structuring of the leather creates striking elegance and perfectly rounds off the Apple Watch's eye-catching qualities. Apple Watch straps made of alligator-grain cowhide are available in cognac, mocha and black.

Apple Watch strap made of organic leather

Anyone who wants to make a fashion statement and follow ethical principles at the same time will make the best choice with an Apple Watch strap made of organic leather. As the name suggests, the leather for these bracelets comes from cattle from organic farms in Germany with a closed chain of sustainability.

Thanks to the traditional tanning method and treatment with organic extracts, these bracelets are particularly soft to wear . Apple Watch straps made of organic leather are available from the manufacture movement in black, brown, sand and other attractive colors.

Apple Watch Strap in Shell Cordovan

Shell cordovan is considered the most exclusive and sought-after horse leather. The designation is strictly limited. Only leather obtained from a horse's hindquarters may bear the Shell Cordovan name. The leather is characterized by high durability and very good water-repellent properties.

The latter come from the high fat content in Shell Cordovan, which also acts as a natural protection against brittleness. Escaping grease can simply be wiped off with a soft cloth and leaves no traces. The Apple Watch strap made of shell cordovan is available from the manufacture movement in mocha, black, cognac and bordeaux.

About the manufacture movement
The manufacture movement aims to offer its customers exquisite to present handmade products that stand in the desired contrast to mass-produced standard goods. The curated offers are aimed at discerning connoisseurs with high quality expectations and a pronounced sense of style.