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Schindelhauer bikes

Elegant and sporty. Since day one.

Since launching in 2009, Schindelhauer Bikes has designed its bikes around the new carbon belt drive system, while other manufacturers have redesigned existing models that were originally designed around the old chain and sprocket system. This technical advantage, coupled with the emphasis on quality and design, has made Schindelhauer Bikes the number one choice for true cycling enthusiasts.

Carbon belt drive systems were still largely unknown in 2009 when the four founders of Schindelhauer recognized the advantages of this new technology: no oil, no maintenance, no noise, twice the service life. With numerous awards over the years, Schindelhauer quickly established itself as the market leader in the premium bicycle segment. Then, in 2019, Schindelhauer took the lead again, presenting four models featuring the next new technology: e-bikes, specifically designed for urban commuters.