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Robbe & Berking

A world of silver

From its beginnings in 1874 as a humble manufacturer of silverware, Robbe & Berking has grown into an international provider of luxury silverware and custom jewellery, gold and silver coins and bars, high quality wooden yachts, interior design and hospitality services.

Of all precious metals, silver reflects the most light and has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity. Berking & Robbe takes these outstanding qualities of silver and expresses them throughout its product line, delivering only the highest quality. More than half of the world's 200 largest luxury yachts feature Robbe & Berking silverware, and hundreds of Michelin stars have been crafted by the company's skilled silversmiths. The interiors of Dassault Aviation's "Falcon" jets are designed in collaboration with Robbe & Berking, as are many of the world's premium restaurants. The same high standard is also reflected in premium tableware, necklace charms, wedding accessories and much more.