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Premium Gin - made in Hamburg, with roots in Portugal

Gin Sul is distilled with passion and patience in the Altona district of Hamburg, using only fresh, selected plant-based raw materials from the south-west coast of Portugal. Its distinctive feature is the subtle Mediterranean citrus notes in its aroma, as well as the grey-glazed earthenware bottles in which it is sold.

Inspired by the scents and flavors of the south, the creator of Gin Sul uses only the western Algarve's wild lemons, which can grow to the size of grapefruits, as well as non-GMO juniper and rosemary. The secret ingredient, however, is the gum sugar rose, also known as the brown-eyed cistus. By limiting batch size to the traditional 100 litres, the distillery is able to ensure precise aromatization and richness of flavor. The end product is enriched with the clear and soft water of the Lüneburg Heath, giving it a silky and refreshing character.