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Apple Watch Hermes Edition

Apple Watch Hermes Series 7

The new Apple Watch Hermès Series 7 is the latest in a long line of successful collaborations between these two giants. The luxe design features chain links and an anchor motif that we think looks great on your wrist!

apple watch hermes series 7

This model is all about luxury.

Hermes Apple Curb Chain Style Bracelet
This latest offering from the Barenia Leather Collection takes us back in time as it pays homage to an old favorite style: the 1930's Hermès dog collar - very sophisticated and luxurious, quite Hermès.

It doesn't always have to be a Hermès bracelet. Watch straps from the manufactory are made in Germany and offered at an affordable price. Of course, there is no doubt that Hermes makes great products. However, we also believe that with our straps you will have just as much, if not more, joy on your wrist.