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Everything YOU need to know about the Apple Watch 7 including specs, pricing and release

The clock is ticking. We're just a few weeks away from the release of the seventh generation Apple Watch. We already know a lot about the price, the design and the specifications.

*Photo Credit: Wilson Nicklaus / Twitter @Wilson_boi_101

We will see the new Apple Watch soon. With just a few weeks left until the release of the new Apple Watch Series 7, we're starting to see the big picture. This article rounds up the latest news and rumors about the Apple Watch Series 7. The design, specs, release date, price and more.

When will the Apple Watch Series 7 be released?
The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to launch in September 2021. Although there is no official invitation yet, well-known Apple leakers have set a specific date. According to the Eurasian Economic Commission database, Apple appears to be preparing new Apple Watch models for launch.

These are most likely the Apple Watch Series 7.

The launch of the new Apple Watch will be most likely to take place in September. A look at the past few years shows that a market launch on September 20 is realistic.

Apple Watch Series 3: September 22, 2017,

Apple Watch Series 4: September 21, 2018,

Apple Watch Series 5: September 20, 2019,

Apple Watch Series 6: September 18, 2020

It will probably be a virtual event again, similar to the WWDC 2021 in June unless there is an almost miraculous improvement in US pandemic containment. But Apple's virtual events are a huge hit. It is likely that the new Apple Watch will be announced together with the iPhone 13 (All information and rumours).

How much will Apple's new watch cost?
The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be available in stores at a price of 379 euros. Apple Watch Series prices have remained fairly constant over the years. The prices of the three previous models were:

Apple Watch Series 4: 379 EUR

Apple Watch Series 5: 379 EUR

Apple Watch Series 6: 379 EUR

There are no signs that this will change significantly this year. The Apple Watch Series 7 will probably cost around 380 EUR.

Design - what does the Apple Watch 7 look like?
Although the Series 6 didn't bring the revolutionary redesign that many expected, Ming-Chi Kuo, an industry analyst, predicted that there will be a significant change in the Apple Watch's form factor in September. This could happen in the second half of 2021. Jon Prosser's May 2021 predictions give us a better idea of ​​what that might look like. Prosser bases his predictions on anonymous insiders. He claims the next Apple Watch will have flatter edges. This is a rough approximation of the angular design of the current iPad Pro and iPhone 2020, but will be more "subtle" which could mean it won't offer as much comfort. Prosser believes that Apple will offer the Series 7 in a second color variant of the green Airpods Max.

New display at Apple?

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims that the new Apple Watch models will feature borderless displays that almost reach the edge of the case. Although the design has remained largely unchanged, the thick rims of the Series 3 have been replaced with thinner rims of the Series 4.These bezels are expected to continue to shrink, creating more screen real estate but not making the device any bigger

Gurman believes Apple will also introduce a new lamination technology for the Watch this year, which bringing them closer to glass.

A round Apple Watch?
You might be wondering if the Apple Watch will have a round design. While we don't think so, there are patents that suggest Apple may have considered such a design. A major design change like going to a round face for watchOS would impact the UI so much it seems absurd.

Flexible Screen
There are signs that Apple is considering a flexible display for its smartwatch. While this is unlikely to happen anytime soon, it could happen in the long run. Apple has filed a patent entitled "Display Module & System Applications". This patent provides for a flexible display that wraps around the wrist. This would allow more information to be displayed than is currently possible. Also, the proposed design does not have a Digital Crown.

Apple Watch Sport and Extreme
Another rumor has it that Apple is developing a new version of its wearable called the Apple Watch Sport. The original model had a Sport version with a sporty Apple Watch strap. Some rumors suggest that the new design will focus on ruggedness and shock resistance. The new Apple Watch strap will be covered in a rubber-like material somewhat reminiscent of Casio's G-Shock watches. Mark Gurman, a reliable source, claims that Apple is currently working on the Explorer Edition.

New features of the Apple Smart Watch 7
The rumor mill has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. Whether all of this is true remains to be seen in the autumn. Here are the facts:

health functions
The Apple Watch strategy revolves around health and fitness. Apple has added the same features to each generation of its watch. The Series 6 continued this tradition and added blood oxygen monitoring to the watch. However, the FDA has never approved this feature. That's because Apple classifies this feature as a wellness feature and not a medical feature. This means that we must consider the reliability and accuracy of the function as unproven. We hope that Apple will change its strategy to improve blood oxygen measurement accuracy by the time the Series 7 is released.

Two patent filings suggest that there will be further improvements in the future. These patents indicate that Apple is currently working on continuous heart rate and blood pressure measurements. Rumor has it that the Apple Watch 7 could also be able to measure blood sugar levels. Apple has filed a patent for measuring blood sugar levels using terahertz electromagnetic radiation. In May it was announced that the company was analyzing customer demand for a blood glucose meter. Apple wanted to know what third-party apps are used by customers to monitor their health, and if any apps can be used to monitor eating habits, medications, blood glucose levels, and other information.

Another possibility is the measurement of body temperature. According to the patent, skin temperature is one of the most important indicators of a patient's health status. This feature isn't available for the Series 7 yet, so you'll need to use a thermometer for now.
While battery life is a feature everyone sees as a priority, it's being supplanted by the need for more power-hungry components and new features. This year, however, that could change.

According to Economic Daily News, the new S7 Apple Watch Series 7 chip take up less space than the Series 6 S6 chip. This allows more space for larger or new components. Normally, smartwatch makers would fill that space with new sensors and bells and whistles that make the device sound great in a Keynote presentation. However, Macrumors predicts that not all of the health sensors listed in the previous paragraph will be available by 2021. Instead, Apple will fill that space with a larger battery. This will result in significantly improved battery performance.

It's difficult to sell battery performance as a feature of a flagship device. It seems more like an improvement that is expected year after year. Apple's marketing machine can handle any significant jump in battery life.

Many rumors indicate that Apple will add Touch ID to the Series 7. It could be under the display, as rumored for the iPhone 13, or in the Digital Crown, which resembles the power button on the iPad Air (2020).

Technically, this could be realized by Apple. But would the price, manufacturing, and product size trade-offs be worth it?

The average Apple Watch unlocks only once a day. However, it can be worn as long as the wrist is visible. This appears to be a solution to a problem that many people aren't complaining about.

Display upgrades
Rumors have been circulating for a while that Apple is upgrading the Apple Watch's OLED displays with micro-LED or could replace mini LED panels. These new displays have the benefit of being thinner and more efficient, which will result in longer battery life.

Macrumors reports that Apple has partnered with Taiwanese panel makers to develop the new panels for its Watch to be delivered in 2021. This would confirm the rumors of a new design and would be a significant step forward for the Series 7.

Apple Watch 7: The manufacturer must disclose the model numbers of its smartwatch models

The model numbers of the individual smartwatches are now known in advance. They are listed as A2473/A2474/A2475/A2476, A2476/A2477, A2477, A2478 and A2478. There is no information about the technical specifications. Apple stated in its filing that all new variants will run on watchOS 8. The new smartwatch operating system is still under development. The Apple Watch Series 7 is set to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

It is now possible to expect them in September. Not only does the rumor mill agree on this, but the registration with the EEC is also a reliable indicator.

We're not allowed to write all of them here yet, but you will definitely continue to get matching bracelets for the Apple Watch 7 from us...